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Colorful Cube Cleaning Kit

$10.00 $27.00

    Tough on messes, easy on your hands

    Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, our cube scrubbers are heavy duty, scratch free, sanitary tools for your toughest messes. Tackle baked-on food, stuck-on grime, and anything else with our easy to grip, long lasting sponges. The scrubber material changes with water temperature, becoming soft in hot water for gentle cleaning and scour in cold water for a tougher scrubbing power. 

    Our eraser cube shape outlasts traditional, flimsy rectangles and cleans with water alone. Perfect for removing big, bad stains from any hard surface in the home, office or wherever unsightly messes occur, with water alone. The 6-sided cube allows for more surface area to clean, which means longer lasting. Use the eraser cube to clean a variety of surfaces and environments: Bath, Outdoor, Shoes, Kids playroom, Household, etc.

    Perfect gift for first time homeowners, newlyweds, college students and anyone with the love of cleaning in mind. ✨


    KIT INCLUDES - 6 Cube Scrubbers, 3 Scrub + Wipe Cubes, and 3 Eraser Cubes


    • Save vs buying individual items
    • Sustainable & long lasting provides months of powerful clean against grease and grime in your home - less chemicals, less waste, save money
    • Scratch free & odor resistant - safe to use on all surfaces without scratching, rinses clean and stays clean with no smell