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about our materials

We believe that good design and performance should go hand-in-hand with sustainability and high quality materials.

out with the old, in with the new

It's time to upgrade the performance and cleanliness of your sponges.  Unlike traditional cellulose sponges, that tend to trap residue and particles, our Smart Clean™ scrubber material rinses clean, dries quickly and resists odors, so the very tool you are cleaning dishes, sinks, etc with is clean itself and not harboring bacteria.


Our Smart Clean™ scrubber material has temperature control scrubbing power, meaning it changes texture based on your water temperature.  The scrubber staying firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, and soft in warm water for light cleaning, making it easier to clean hard to reach spaces.

Chemical free cleaning

The superior cleaning performacne of our microfiber material helps minimize the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning.  The thin fibers come together to give each cloth or sponge a much higher surface area, boosting its cleaning power and making it a lot more absorbent than your average rag.  Our microfiber materials help attract and trap dust, rather than just spreading them around.  Ditch the paper towels, one use wipes and harsh chemicals, and upgrade to a healthier, more sustainable option.