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Great Sponges!

These are the best sponges I have ever had! You can wash a dirty cast iron with it and it will again be clean!




Love the color pop

I've had this brush for a couple of years now and it still works great. it's nice and sturdy and I love the fun bristle colors.




No more smelly sponges!

After looking for a sponge that cleans well & doesn’t smell after a week, I finally found it! I highly recommend it.




Love this sponge!

This is one of my favorites! I love the design that this sponge has! It is great for dirty dishes and wiping countertops!  I keep one in the kitchen and bathroom!




Get them.

My son: artistic (or destructive..? Jury’s still out)  This eraser: MAGIC. It works better than the mr clean erasers.  Shines and polishes without falling apart. You have toddlers?  Grimy doorknobs?  You need to get these erasers.




Wonderful cleaning tool!

I love this dishwashing brush. I bought 3 of them - They save my hands from being in dishwashing detergent.  It lasts for months and I use it several times every day.  The bristles are so tough, I even use it to clean my grill.