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Cube Scrub + Wipe – Pink

TCIN #: 76633418

Introducing Bright Box and the game changing idea to have the thing you use to clean, stay clean itself. Our Scrub+Wipe cube contains bacteria busting materials that will never smell and can last for months. A hard side for scrubbing and soft side for wiping, cubed to fit your hand. Oh, and we made it look awesome. So many colors and happy designs to choose from. So next time you decide to clean a dish, don’t use a petri dish to do it.

Bright Box. On the sunny side of sink.

  • Bacteria busting materials that won’t smell
  • Dual sided – a tough scrub & a clean wipe
  • Scratch free & super long lasting
  • Printed triangle design on pretty pink shade
  • Superior hand feel with patent pending cube shape
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