Our Materials

We source the most innovative and advanced materials that provide a superior kind of clean. Our sponges rinse clean, dry fast and won’t trap food particles, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and germs, no nasty bacteria camping out and no vile stench wafting around means mildew. No lingering healthier people and healthier homes.

scratch free

Our non scratch material is safe to use on any type of cookware, including polished, satin or glossy surfaces, or anything else in your kitchen. Also great for clean ups in the basement, garage, patio or on the car.

zero smell

Say hello to the sponge that NEVER stinks! The coating rinses clean and dries super fast, leaving no chance for bacteria to breed. It can literally last for months with no smell and no deteriorating.

scrub + wipe cube

A hard side for scrubbing and soft side for wiping, means multiple uses around the house. Great for dishes, appliances, highchairs, kids toys and more.

scrubber cube

Our scrubber material hardens in cold water for SuperScour Scrub-ability and softens in warm water for light everyday cleaning. With its soft texture, it can be used on any surface without concern.

eraser cube

We use the highest standard Melamine foam in the industry, made from basf Basotect® W foam, which has the lowest levels of formaldehyde and some of the highest strength properties of comparable foam material. It has stronger cleaning performance than the leading all-purpose bleach spray so it can remove your home’s toughest messes with water alone. Our cube eraser lasts 6X longer lasting that national brand.

Safely remove stubborn stains, crayon smears, scuff marks, & more with just water alone