How long will my scrubber last? A typical useful life of a scrubber cube is 3 – 4 months.  However, this can vary greatly on the amount of use it gets, what it is used on, and how many times.  A worn out scrubber may still help in your basement or garage.

What is the scrubber material made from? It is made of a unique proprietary “Scratch-Free” polymer material that will not scratch any type of cookware or kitchenware, including polished, satin or glossy surfaces, or anything else in your kitchen! 

How do I clean my scrubber?  We recommend rinsing and squeezing dry after each use to help keep a fresh scrubber. It is specially designed to be fast drying to help reduce the bacteria, mold, and mildew growth that may happen with a moist environment. It can be cleaned on the top tray of the dishwasher, however, microwaving is not recommended. 

How do I change the texture of my scrubber?  To soften, simply run under warm water. For a firm scrubber, run under cold water or immerse in ice water.   

Why does the cube shape last longer?  The 6 sided cube offers more cleaning surface options compared to the national brand rectangular sponge.  The dispersement of pressure across entire cube gives much more life to your sponge.

Why are they better for the environment?  You will find, as our customers have, that you will get months, and often a year of use from one scrubber. Therefore purchasing far fewer scrubber sponges that often are in a landfill within weeks of purchase.

Do the eraser cubes last longer then Mr. Clean?  Yes, lab testing has proven our Erase Away cube to last 6 times longer than a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

Do I need to add soap to the erasers?  No, with just a little water, our Erase Away Cube can dig in and destroy stains that other products can’t touch. Kids go crazy with the crayons? Baseboards full of scuffmarks? Our Erase Away cubes will brighten in seconds with just water alone.