On the sunny side of sink

Bright Box believes the kitchen sits at the center of a happy and healthy home, which is why we’re bringing some long overdue joy to the sponge in your sink. For far too long we’ve allowed sponges to hide in the shadows as a hygiene holdout, a dingy detail, in an otherwise spotless life. No more. It’s time for sponges to feel different, and it’s time for sponges to make us feel different. Bright Box is taking sponges into the light.

the joyful choice

We set out to prove that good design combined with the best materials does make an impact on your everyday cleaning routine

happy design

We have an attraction to clean design and an appreciation for well made products. That’s why we’ve made it our personal mission to inject creativity and fun into your everyday sponge while improving the performance and cleanliness of your home. Why shouldn’t your sponge look just as good as the kitchen it lives in?

Try us for yourself and feel the difference!